NDIS Help for Participants

Managing your NDIS funding package with
My Plan Assist.

Looking for an easier way to manage your NDIS funding? My Plan Assist understands the challenges of budget management and regulatory requirements for government funding. When you team with us as your personal plan manager, we can help create the right NDIS participant plan for your needs with confidence, flexibility and freedom of choice.

Easy admin support
NDIS funding tracking
Easy payment
Easy reimburse
Record keeping
Monthly statements

Flexible communication
Over the phone
Virtual meeting (Zoom)
or email! We are here for you!

Reliable advice
Best services to your needs and location
How much can providers charge you
How to achieve your goals successfully

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We can manage and monitor your budget over the course of your plan, freeing your time to focus on what’s really important. Get NDIS help to reduce administration and keep up to date with service provider payments, mandatory record-keeping and other tasks.

Get admin support to:

  • Pay your service providers within a few days
  • Reimburse your expenses
  • Track your NDIS funding
  • Keep records of how you spend your funds
  • Learn new skills for more independence
  • Access easy-to-understand monthly statements

Access reliable advice on:

  • What service providers you can use
  • How much your providers can charge you
  • Relevant service providers near you
  • If you’re spending your money too fast or too slow
  • How to maximise your funding
  • Achieving your goals by choosing the best providers for your circumstances

Choose how you’d like to communicate:

  • In-person at a local office (South-East QLD and Northern NSW regions)
  • Over the phone
  • Virtual digital meeting via Zoom, Skype or a platform of your choice
  • Email

Got an NDIS Participant Plan?

Why Choose My Plan Assist to Help You Manage

My Plan Assist makes managing your NDIS participant plan simple. We offer a friendly, personalised service tailored to your unique requirements.

Each participant’s plan will be different. We can help you create your plan based on what goals you would like to pursue and the type of support you need. If you’ve already got an approved plan, we can help you manage it to get the most value from your budget and achieve the goals you’ve set. Need changes or a review? We can help with that too.

We offer a comprehensive management service built around representing you. Our motto is ‘better together’ and our mission is to ’keep things simple’.

Working with NDIS Participants

My Plan Assist works with NDIS participants Australia-wide.

Think of us as your NDIS accountants.

We build your confidence and independence while helping to handle your funding.

Our services give you

More Choice and Control

Take control of your NDIS plan and improve your quality of life. We’re flexible with how much you want to be involved. Maximise your choices and choose between registered and non-registered providers. Ensure you gain the most value from your plan without being under or over budget.

Personalised Support

My Plan Assist provides a friendly, personalised service. We know the structure of NDIS plans and work with you to answer all your questions and work to get the most from your plan. Our business focus and area of expertise is solely NDIS help to benefit you.

Fast Payment Processing

Our dedicated team guarantees to process all reimbursements and provider invoices within 3 days so you and your support providers receive payments faster. All invoices are paid on time and in accordance with NDIS guidelines. While you stay in charge of your plan, we handle the admin tasks such as record-keeping, cost coding and claims.

Budget Tracking

An important part of managing your NDIS funding package is awareness of your spending. You’ll receive monthly statements and can request immediate, up-to-the-minute reports at any time. Access real-time budget balances and invoice history via the user-friendly participant portal. We can also secure budgets with providers to protect against overspending.

Greater Peace of Mind

Relax knowing your NDIS plan is in safe hands. My Plan Assist gives you an expert on your side to track your budget and take care of financial administration. We help you feel comfortable with the process and support personal choices with encouragement, empathy and knowledge. We’re experienced in providing financial advice, working in the disability sector and customer relationship management.

No Cost to You or Your Plan

NDIS will cover your fees when you choose to include ‘Improved Life Choices’ in your plan. Our service comes at no cost to you or your NDIS plan, as it’s funded separately and doesn’t impact other support services you’re entitled to. Unlock your plan’s potential and schedule an appointment today.

Our latest reviews

Great communication, speedy payments, reputable standards. Thank you for the great work & care you do for our participants.
Stacey Panozzo
Stacey Panozzo
Outstanding friendly and professional service, prompt and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
Shiolie Sun
Shiolie Sun
Fabulous support team. They are so friendly, making each interaction a pleasant experience. My Plan Assist Management is unique; easy to set up and get onboard. Their app is easy to use, and the invoices are paid quickly. They always go above and beyond to inform and educate me on ways to maximise my plan. I highly recommend them for NDIS support.
Fabiola Reberc
Fabiola Reberc
My plan Assist are specialists in the area of NDIS. Helpful, kind and patient, these ladies offer a service that is needed when trying to navigate the NDIS funding process. Whenever I have a question Samone is always available to help guide me. Thank you for being amazing Samone and Kath x
Rachel Irvine
Rachel Irvine
The ladies at My Plan Assist are so friendly and approachable. We were impressed with how genuine Cath and Samone are and their ability to explain complex things in a calm and simple manner. They are truly good humans and would recommend them unreservedly.
Thank you for your professional and personalised service. Invoices are always paid promptly. Cath and Samone are exceptional. .
Susan Medland
Susan Medland
Very professional, caring and knowledgeable at what they do. They made my process stress free, very easy too deal with. Highly recommended. Thankyou Cath and Simone
Andrew Baxter
Andrew Baxter
Thanks so much for the personalised and great support. Invoices payments are really fast. Highly recommended.
Michelly Pimentel / Mi na Austrália
Michelly Pimentel / Mi na Austrália
Fantastic customer communication and genuine care, well versed in dealing with money matters and working with people to achieve great outcomes.
Erin A
Erin A
Thanks for the great opportunity to learn about your support and caring help to work towards the so important health and wellbeing goals. It is so comforting to know we're dealing with lovely and knowledgeable professionals. Thank you Cath and Samone.
Renata Mccarthy
Renata Mccarthy