3 Simple Steps to Change Your NDIS Plan Manager

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3 Simple Steps to Change Your NDIS Plan Manager

3 Simple Steps to Change Your NDIS Plan Manager

30 March 2023 – Estimated reading time: 5.5 minutes

The best way to streamline the NDIS planning process is to choose a good plan manager. When you engage with the right team you can maximise your funding, pay your bills on time and reduce the stress of handling your NDIS. 

If your current plan manager is not providing the support you need, it might be time to switch. Changing plan managers can give you a more personalised approach and ensure your funding is being used well. 

Maybe you’re overspending or struggling to pay your bills on time. Or perhaps you feel like a number, rather than part of your plan manager’s team. A good plan manager will find flexible ways to accommodate your needs and always keep you a priority.  

That’s where the team at My Plan Assist come in. We prioritise your goals and simplify the NDIS planning process, so you can get back to life.  


Why Your Plan Manager is Essential to the NDIS Planning Process


Your plan manager is an important part of the NDIS process because they can provide the easiest, most effective way to keep your spending and support services on track. 

But where do you start and how do you know which one is right for you?

Plan managers such as My Plan Assist can handle the tedious parts of your plan, ensure your bills are paid on time and update you on relevant support. 

Your chosen plan manager should be:

  • Experts in NDIS funding (to maximise your spending and get the most from your plan)
  • Reliable and transparent (so your payments and claims are processed on time)
  • Easy to communicate with (to streamline the process and help you feel relaxed)
  • Offering you choice and control (so you can make the best decision for your needs)
  • Understanding (for personalised support based on your goals)
  • Regularly updating you (so you have the relevant info and tools)

You can change your plan manager at any stage in three easy steps. Here’s how:

1. Research and Choose Your New Plan Manager

Always do your research first. Before making your final decision, it’s a good idea to compare at least two NDIS plan managers to find the best one for you. 

Once you have considered your options, arrange a discovery call. This allows you to ask any questions, discuss your needs and gain a better sense of how they work. 

Make sure you:

  • Check online reviews and ratings
  • Take the time to evaluate your options
  • Feel confident that your chosen plan manager has up-to-date knowledge of the NDIS and a genuine interest in helping people

2. Give Your Current Plan Manager Notice

You are under no obligation to stay with your current plan manager. And you don’t have to explain to them why you’re leaving either. However, you should contact them and request to cancel your service in writing. 

If you’re unsure of what to say, you can use our cancellation letter template


  • There’s no cost to switch NDIS plan managers
  • Your current plan manager cannot stop you from leaving
  • You don’t have to wait until your plan review to change

3. Contact Your New Plan Manager and Sign a Service Agreement

Now’s the fun part, teaming up with your new plan manager! 

When you choose My Plan Assist, all you need to do is get in touch and we’ll handle the rest. You’ll also need to complete the service agreement which we can help with. This will register you with your new plan manager.


How can My Plan Assist Help?


At My Plan Assist, our team of Gold Coast based Plan Managers are here to help you on your NDIS journey.  For caring and personalised support or advice, call on 07 5641 2277 or email info@myplanassist.com.au.  You can also find out more by visiting www.myplanassist.com.au.