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Managing your NDIS funding package with
My Plan Assist.

Looking for an easier way to manage your NDIS funding? My Plan Assist understands the challenges of budget management and regulatory requirements for government funding. When you team with us as your personal plan manager, we can help create the right NDIS participant plan for your needs with confidence, flexibility and freedom of choice.

Essential and helpful resources:

This collection of resources offers guidance and practical information to help you on your NDIS journey.

At My Plan Assist, we are here to support you, so if you have any questions about these resources or our plan management services, please get in touch.

My Plan Assist

Got an NDIS Participant Plan?

Why Choose My Plan Assist to Help You Manage

My Plan Assist makes managing your NDIS participant plan simple. We offer a friendly, personalised service tailored to your unique requirements.

Each participant’s plan will be different. We can help you create your plan based on what goals you would like to pursue and the type of support you need. If you’ve already got an approved plan, we can help you manage it to get the most value from your budget and achieve the goals you’ve set. Need changes or a review? We can help with that too.

We offer a comprehensive management service built around representing you. Our motto is ‘better together’ and our mission is to ’keep things simple’.